Penttilän Tila
From potato farm to flatbread factory

Penttilän Tila

Penttilän Tila has a long history in various types of agriculture. The current flatbread factory is a hundred-year-old stone building originally built as dairy cow stables. It also had a stable for horses and a couple of pens for pigs. Later on, the farm produced eggs for meat chicken production and kept breeding pigs. Of the domestic animals, the most recent were the sheep, which were kept during 1990-2008 and which were raised for meat and meat products.

Currently, Penttilän Tila focuses on making various kinds of food from potatoes. The most important product are the rieska-flatbreads, and for the Christmas season traditional casseroles are prepared. Of the meat production a few sausages remain, the bratwurst made with traditional Bavarian recipe being the one longest in production. The meat comes from Paija farm in Urjala.

Heikki Penttilä

Heikki started his farming career in 1990, when the farm produced seed potatoes, seed grains and there a few Finnsheep were kept as a hobby. From 1995 to 2008 the main activity was processing sheep meat for restaurants and shops locally.

When the meat production ended, Heikki decided to start making potato-based foods. Since the beginning of 2012, the factory has been producing potato salads, potato flatbreads, Spanish omelettes, potato bread, Christmas casseroles and many other delicacies.

See what Heikki says about lowering the prices of the rieska-flatbreads in Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa store chain (in Finnish)

Partners - producers and customers

Penttilän Tila's partners include producers, processors, restaurants and chefs, shops and farm stores.

Ingredient producers and processors

  • Vääksyn mylly-mill (grain)
  • Paija Farm, Urjala (meat)
  • Jokinen Farm, Aitoo (milk)
  • Aku Antila, Valkeakoski (potato)
  • Tuomola in Tammela (carrot, swedes)
  • Herkkumaa, Tuulos (pickles)
  • Virgino in Turenki (Finnish cold pressed rapeseed oil)

Customers and partners

  • Vaahteramäen Eggspress
  • Leivon Leipomo -bakery, Tampere
  • Niitty-Seppälä Summer Store
  • Armas Gallery of the Kangasala-talo
  • Restaurant Los Pollos, Koskikeskus Tampere
  • The Tampere Fair Center restaurants, Finnresta
  • Hopealinjat, Tampere
  • Ravintola 931, Tampere
  • Ravintola Salud, Tampere
  • Suttinen summer store in Laitikkala
  • Puutikkalan puoti store, Pälkäne
  • Restaurant EGG, Kanavaranta, Helsinki
  • Anssin kauppa store, Aitoo
  • Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa
  • Satakunnan Osuuskauppa
  • Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa
  • HOK
  • Numerous K-Markets, Supermarkets and Citymarkets
  • Various M-shops
  • Farmers markets in Prisma stores in Jumbo and Kannelmäki, Helsinki
  • Pyynikki craft brewery
  • Heikkilä cheesemakers, Laitikkala
  • Ahlman's cheesemakers and Best of Pirkanmaa -project
  • Mouhijärvi cheesemakers
  • Jukolan juusto cheesemakers, Leivonmäki
  • as well as a large number of Finnish chefs.

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